Le Nhi Hoa studied in the East Germany in early 1970s. He then worked as trade expert at the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Vietnam from 1976 till 1985. From 1985 till 1990 he worked at the National Center of Scientific Research of Vietnam. During this time, he was the executive secretary for a UNDP’ s project on processing essential oils and related products in Vietnam.
From Sept. 1992 till Sept. 1993, he got a fellowship to attend an advanced professional training course on overseas trade in market economy held at the Schleswig-Holstein Business Academy in Germany.
He became a consultant in early 1990s when he supported several German and US companies to run their representative offices in Vietnam when the country began to open up to foreign investment.
In 1996, he found his own business, Nordas Co. Ltd ., which exported a variety types of essential oils to Germany , France, UK , Italy and the USA .
After 40 years working continuously , Hoa is now a freelance consultant for VietNet. He could help foreign investors to gain insights of the trade policies in Vietnam as well as help them to find the right partners cross sectors.
Hoa speaks German and English fluently.